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Architectural Shingles

Required by many HOAs, designer shingles are also popular due to low maintenance and high style.

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Low Slope Roofing

Is TPO or PVC better? Can you walk on a membrane roof? What colors are available?

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Metal Roofing

Is a metal roof noisy? How long does a metal roof last? What are the the different metal roof types?

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Slate Roofing

Is slate roofing too heavy for my house? Is slate brittle? Is natural or synthetic slate roofing better? 

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Synthetic Roofing

Is synthetic roofing worth the money? Does synthetic look natural or shiny? How long does a synthetic roof last?  

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Wood Roofing

What's the difference between shingles and shakes? Is a cedar wood roof wise in a damp marine climate? 

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Ask a Roofing Question!

If you wonder, someone else probably does too! Ask a roofing question and we will make blog articles to share with the world.