Roofing in Seattle FAQ

How long would it take to replace my roof?

A timeline for replacing a composition shingle roof depends on the size, geometry, and condition of your current roof in conjunction with the capabilities of the contractor, materials, scope of your roofing contract, and time of year. Most residential asphalt roofs can be removed and replaced in a day or two.

What should I know before the roofers start?

It will be a little inconvenient, noisy, messy, and expensive. We do the best we can to minimize the aggravations. Fortunately, the process won’t last long but your new roof will. Keep your eyes on the prize: your roof will be sturdy and beautiful for years to come.

Will the roofer come inside my house?

A salesperson or repair tech may need to look in your living areas or attic to check for leaks. A roof replacement technician is unlikely to come in your house during the roofing job because they can see your roof system all the way to the decking from outside. Professionals will bring their own restroom or use a nearby public facility. If your power goes out they could knock on your door to see if you need help, but will only come in if invited.

Why isn't my roofer working?

Roofing technicians are required to work within Federal, State, and Regional laws that span everything from noise to safety. We train our teams on those laws and expect them to comply.

Additionally, weather plays a huge role. Some materials can’t handle the stress of installation if it is too hot or cold.

What if it rains before my new roof is finished?

Our Pacific Northwest climate makes roofing around Seattle interesting. While nobody can control the weather, we do keep a close eye on it and plan accordingly.

  • If your roof is bare to the deck and an unexpected weather system comes through then weatherproofing may be applied, usually tarps.
  • If you have good underlayment installed, then no worries. This stage is called being dried-in.
  • While your structure may be safe from leaks the other consideration is that it is unsafe for crews to be on your roof in darkness or severe weather so the timeline on your project may need to be adjusted. Safety Always is not a slogan for us; it is how we do our day, every day.
Can I get a new roof in the winter?

Short answer: Yes, you can absolutely install a new roof around Seattle in the winter.

Longer version: For the integrity of your installation and the safety of our technicians, we’ll pause a winter project as needed. Ice, temperature, and adequate light are an adjustment to how much we can work per day.

Will a roofing company help me with my roof insurance claim?

Roofing companies have varying levels of support for your homeowner’s insurance claim. Any reputable roofing company should be able to talk through a roof damage claim with your insurance adjuster, however. If your roofer has a full concierge service for insurance claims be aware that staff will add to overhead costs and their quote will probably be higher.

Find out if your insurance company pays you or the contractor then choose wisely. Insurance claim or not, be sure you are working with a top roofing company that is in your area permanently. Avoid a storm chaser who might take the money and leave town with your home unprotected.

Can a roofer cover my insurance deductible?

It is unethical for a roofing contractor to cover your insurance deductible. If your insurance company finds out, they may even consider it fraud and cancel your policy.

Additionally, that money would need to come from somewhere; first your bill would need to be falsified then the risky roofer would either spread that cost out to other customers or cut corners on your project.

Don’t hire a roofing contractor that is comfortable coloring outside of the lines. You’ll never have peace of mind wondering when something else will go wrong.

Why is roofing so expensive?

The property owner’s roofing bid depends on a combination of the roofing contractor’s project costs, overhead costs, plus a fair profit for their time and efforts. How those categories come together varies greatly! Due to the high cost of living and insurance, roofing prices in urban areas are higher than the national average. Learn more.

How much will I have to pay before my roofing job starts?

For minor repairs like a few loose shingles you will probably just get an invoice at the end of the task.

For a roof replacement, up to a 50% deposit is completely reasonable and should be expected. If they want most or all of the money up front, keep shopping! If a roofing company suggests a no-money-down financing plan, you should be very skeptical about the costs.

Do you offer financing for roof repairs?

When you finance your roof through a roofing company or agree to a zero-down payment plan you will often be paying way too much for the loan. If the contractor wraps their portion of the loan costs into the project then your roof will cost more, too. We would never treat our customers that way.

If you need financing for a project in the near term, talk to your financial institution or explore other options to pay for a new roof. If you have more time, set a budget for your roofing project.

I have a discount coupon for roofing, will you match it?

No. We give you fair, cost-based prices every day. We will never mark up your roofing estimate just so we can play games later.

If you are seeing discounted roofing advertisements then you have to wonder where that reduction is coming from… do they inflate the price during your early conversations or just use creative math in the end? Don’t even consider roofing discounts that insult your intelligence.

What time of year does roofing go on sale?

Supply and demand are valid cost factors. Materials and labor are in high demand after storms and in August and September, which is the busy season for roofing near Seattle. An honest, cost-based roofing contractor should have the stable roof replacement quotes the remainder of the year.

We never run fake sales. Compare value, experience, and project materials – then make the smart choice. A quality roof at a fair price pays it’s own dividends of curb appeal, property value, and peace of mind.

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