About Legacy Roofing Northwest

Building on a Solid Foundation

Legacy Roofing Northwest began in 2010 as a division of America 1st Roofing & Builders, Inc., a locally owned roofing business. America 1st Roofing & Builders was established in 1986 as a new construction  roofing company.

  • Incorporated in 1992
  • Over 130,000 installations since founded
  • We are a licensed contractor in the State of Washington
  • Broad service area around the Puget Sound
  • We’ve been a member of Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties since 1994
  • Certified GAF Master Elite Contractor
  • Certified CertainTeed ShingleMaster 
About Legacy Roofing Northwest 10

We buy many of our materials directly from manufacturers and stock our own yards for immediate availability of essential roofing tools and materials. Our fleet of trucks, trailers, vans, and other equipment gives us an efficiency advantage over most local roofing companies.

Our Seattle area roofers are company employees dedicated to the highest standards of craftsmanship, safety, and customer service. That’s why we can stand behind every roof with our remarkable Warranty.

We’re Here to Stay

We often get calls from customers of various roofers who have gone out of business over the years. For better or worse, a warranty is only as strong as the company that writes it.

While we cannot warranty the work of other builders, as a highly experienced local roofing company we are always working to earn the trust of new customers whether or not they have been disappointed in the past.

At Legacy Roofing Northwest our business is high quality roof repair and roof replacement. Regardless of who did your roof originally, if you are looking for a top-tier roofer in the greater Seattle-Bellevue-Tacoma area we would be honored to help you explore your roofing options and provide a comprehensive written estimate for your project. We’re here for the long haul and your roof should be too. Let’s do something remarkable together!

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